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We are the winds in your investment sails

Income and Growth: Total Return Investment Strategies

Total Return Investment Strategies are designed to include a combination of growth investments and income producing investments.  Allocations are positioned in line with your personal and individual risk tolerance.  You are unique and so is your investment portfolio. We assist you in determining your risk comfort zone and explain just how it relates to your growth prospects.  

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Social Responsibility Dimension

Our Social Responsibility dimensions can be applied to all portfolios. They enable you to succeed without compromising your moral and ethical standards. We find that Social Responsibility ideals are as unique as the individuals who are cherishing and supporting those ideals.  Our solution is to customize your portfolio to match your very specific Social Responsibility ideals.

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Foundations and Charitable Organizations

We offer you the highest levels of trust, honor, integrity, results, reporting, regular accurate communications and interactions with our institutional money managers. We custom design your investment portfolio to meet your specific goals and objectives and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer you and your organization top notch professional service, freeing you up to bless and serve.

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Preservation of Capital 

"I don't care how much I make on my money. I just don't want to lose it."  If this is your attitude towards investing you have come to the right place. You'll appreciate our decades of fixed income experience and preservation of capital expertise.  We offer hands on assistance with understanding your investment strategy and with accessing your funds on an established dependable schedule.

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