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Millennials Investing Your Way

The Rule of 72 Explained:   Divide the number 72 by your annually earned interest rate to find out how many years it will take to double your money via compounding.  Example: 72 divided by 7 (%) = 10.29 years.  According to The Rule of 72 and assuming you invest $10,000.00 and assuming you earn 7%* per year compounded, after 10.29 years you will have $20,000.00.  If you let it keep on compounding at the same rate of interest, it all doubles again after another ten years to $40,000.00.  Ten years after that you have $80,000.00.  Ten years after that it's $160,000.00. You get the point.  Get started! Let it compound! Remember, in this example you only invested $10,000.00. The compounding did all the work. You can see that the rule of 72 speaks not only about compounding but it also illustrates the "Time Value of Money."  What are you waiting for? These two concepts are your best friends and the secret to financial independence.  Get started. We can help you. *This is merely an explanation of the rule of 72.  It is not a recommendation or a guarantee of performance on your portfolio.

Not your Father's retirement

Why should you care?

Because you want to be in charge of your future outcomes whether your life includes calm seas or stormy seas, romantic seas or playful seas, you need to be up to the task to survive and to thrive under all circumstances.  

Pearls are made when a grain of sand irritates the oyster. Whatever your life experience includes, embrace it.  The world is your oyster! Let's make some pearls.

Is inheritance your financial plan?

Perhaps, you are planning on inheritance as your retirement plan.  Have you ever heard the saying, "Riches to rags in two generations?" Sadly, this is too often true.  Why?  Because the heirs do not have investing skills. People assume that inheriting money is the answer to financial problems.  But, what if you do not have any financial skills?  Do you want to be "the one" who turns your grandparents riches to rags?  I don't think so.  If you already inherited money we can help you learn investing skills to prevent you from making missteps. Here's an analogy.  If someone gave me a perfectly fit body how long would it be before it looked like a mess if I stopped the exercise and diet that created that body.  Hanging onto your inheritance is a discipline. We can help make it feel easy for you.

Saving your own money for retirement is an awesome feeling and a great way to learn financial skills!

Chances are you were never taught how money and investing works.  For generations financial education has been neglected in our society.  No worries. We are here to fill in the gaps. You are ready.  Let's get started!