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Planning Approaches

Goal Planning

Your disciplined savings brought you to this place, the place where you have lots of different investments in various types of accounts but can you find them all quickly?  Are you managing them well enough to know if they are all working for you as efficiently as possible within your pre-established risk tolerance parameters? Let us help you to identify and analyze all of your investments and savings, to set your goals, to design a plan to achieve them, and to keep your plan flexible enough to move with you and for you for the rest of your life.

Financial Planning

We specialize in a comprehensive financial planning approach combined with sophisticated technology designed to optimize your results and achieve your financial goals.  We offer you your own financial website where virtually every aspect of your financial portfolio is visible.  You can find details and an overview of your financial wellbeing all in one up-to-date place and thereby "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you imagined." Henry David Thoreau

Multi-Generational Planning

We understand you and your financial journey because we are on the same journey for our other clients and for ourselves.  We are saving, planning, and "walking the walk" too, every day. Let our decades of caring expertise maximize your investment experience and delight you and your family, your business, your retirement, your charities, and your legacy.

Continuing Your Plan into Perpetuity

 A trust is a legal "rule book" that allows you to control your assets and to protect them.  Together with a good estate attorney, you'll appoint a trusted successor trustee to carry out your detailed financial wishes in the event that you cannot do so yourself. It also puts you in control of the distribution of your assets after you are gone. We love to collaborate with your Estate Attorney and your CPA to represent and implement your financial wishes and desires from now into perpetuity.